Spirit Filled

We have all heard of those who are filled with alcohol or drugs. The Bible tells of another type of filling. Yes, I am speaking about the filling of the Holy Spirit. We should be Spirit-filled.

I Will Come Again

Aren’t you glad the Bible contains promises about Jesus coming again? Permit me to ask, “Do we have to wonder whether or not He is going to keep His word?” Don’t be concerned. Jesus said, “I will come again.”

Positive Aspects of the Resurrection of Jesus

Our passage speaks of the negative impact if there were no resurrection from the dead. I wish to look at these but also at the opposite, the positive aspects. Let us consider, “Does the resurrection of Jesus make any difference today?”


The Bible tells Christians to seek the kingdom of God. That means we can live for God or we can live for ourselves. Our goals might include God and His will, or they might not. So, we may ask, “What is the focus of our lives?” Our answer will reveal our emphasis.