Lessons from Noah and the Flood

God’s Word is His revelation to us. In it we can learn of Him and we can discern about man and how God deals with him. I desire to refer to a point in human history and learn from it.

Good People Need to be Saved

Sometimes when we witness for the Lord we emphasize the need for sinners to be saved, so much so, we imply only murderers, thieves, adulterers, etc. need saving. But salvation is not just for the lowest of sinners, but simply, good people need to be saved also.

Do You Love Jesus?

I wish to take this occasion to speak on the subject of love. I would like to focus upon our love for God. How would you describe such love? Hear what the Bible says on this subject and make a self-assessment.


Sometimes we judge a person’s spirituality. We will say, “She is a spiritual woman.” Or, “He isn’t very spiritual.” It is my objective to study this term from a biblical perspective. Perhaps we will be less likely to make a wrong assessment of ourselves and others.