Judge Righteous Judgment

We make judgments all the time. Sometimes they are based upon a poor foundation or determined with bias. Jesus teaches us that when we make judgments, they need to be proper. His words are, “Judge righteous judgment.” This will be our subject.

Give Thanks for God’s Mercy

At this time of year we are reminded to be thankful. However, Christians are to be thankful continually. In this psalm we find not only that God deserves thanks continually, but that His mercy is continual.

The Response of a Godly Man

All men fail. Even the best of “godly” Christians fall short. Yet, when the “godly” fail, in time, even their response to their fall depicts the manner of their godliness.

Jeremiah’s Warning to Those Who Would Not Listen

How often has the preacher’s words fallen on deaf ears? Oh, not that they could not hear but that they would not hear. Too many simply will not listen. The prophet Jeremiah faced the same problem.