Why You Should Praise Him

Our text deals with the matter of praise. I believe that praise is an important facet of the Christian’s response in honoring God. Let us see what the Psalmist discussed.

When Tragedy Strikes

With so much pain and suffering around us, we must consider our response. How would I deal with tragedy? How would I cope in times of severe affliction? What if that event happened to me?

God’s Help, Here and Now

My objective is to remind you that although this life is not a bed of roses, God will give us every grace we need to live for Him.

Are You Ready?

If you think about it, a good deal of our life is spent in preparation. What we find in our text is Jesus addressing His coming again. If you will note the following verses, He speaks on preparation. Let us concern ourselves with the Second Coming, the coming judgment, and the preparation for these events.