Trying to Avoid God

Our text tells us of a man who tried to avoid God. The sad thing is, you have probably tried it yourself. I know I have. May we be reminded of the error and the danger of trying to avoid God.

Words of Comfort for the Suffering Saint

Are you going through some sort of trial or tribulation? In our text we have the forewarning of Jesus to Peter about the coming denial. In this dialogue I believe we can find comfort.

Jesus is the Son of God

The crucifixion of Jesus was different than all other crucifixions. There, the Centurion declared Jesus was the Son of God. I would like to point out the seven sayings of Jesus while on the cross. By this, you will see that He was different than any other man.

Now That I Am A Christian

Sometimes we are put into a position which is new to us. We aren’t really sure what to do or what is expected of us. We might think, “Okay, now what?” My intention is to apply this to Christians and answer the spiritual question, “Now what?”