Month: August 2014

  • Prayer to Declare

    My objective is for us to discern the passage and find application, such that, we would see the importance of prayer in our witnessing.  And, that we would then pray for others as these verses teach.

  • Daily Perspective

    It is my objective that we carefully examine our text and discern its impact upon our day.  What sort of viewpoint do you take every morning?  Most important, will your day be one which involves the Lord or will you exclude Him from the day's activities?  What is your daily perspective?

  • How Can I Go To Heaven?

    Our text speaks of Heaven.  Many are deceived concerning how to get into Heaven.  It is my objective to make it abundantly clear on what God declares is the "way to Heaven."

  • Consider Christ Jesus

    It is my objective to discuss the person of our text.  I would like for you to heed the instruction of the verse and attempt to learn something about Jesus.  It is my plan to assist you in this area by offering you biblical truths and observations.  I would like for you to "Consider Christ Jesus."

  • Noah

    It is my desire to turn your attention toward a famous biblical character, Noah.  It is my objective that you not only learn of this man of faith, but also to glean practical life lessons.