Month: February 2010

  • When A Child Backslides

    I trust that each of us are aware of our tendency to turn away from God.  Not just that we might depart, but, that we do depart.  It is my objective to review God's desire for His chosen nation to return to Him and apply these truths to His people today.

  • Little Things Matter

    Pastor Doug Meadows
    February 21, 2010

    Time: 40:18
    Size: 11.5MB

    Download: Little Things Matter

    Text:  Mark 9:41

    I would like to remind you that, in the very least, God takes notice of the little things, and that small things matter; do not despise small things.  My objective is to encourage you to be faithful, even in the little things.

  • The Greatest Love Story

    It is my objective to tell you a love story.  It is one which, I pray, will stir your soul; will move your heart; will touch you deeply.  I pray that it will motivate you to action and lead you by example.  Our text will be the basis for our love theme.

  • For or Against

    We find that who a person is in his heart, is who he truly is.  It is my objective to gain an understanding of the passage and apply the truth of this verse.  If you are not for Him, then, you are against Him.