Month: January 2010

  • Earthquakes

    It is my objective to consider earthquakes from a biblical point of view.  I shall refer you to the places mentioned in the Bible.  After which, I intend to consider the sources of earthquakes, the root cause behind the death and destruction, and the possible purposes God has for them.  Then, I plan to discuss how we should respond to such tragic events.

  • God’s Will First

    I would like to remind you of evangelism and missions and then challenge you to see them as the will of God.  That is, each of us should be involved in evangelism and missions.  We need to strive to make God's will a priority.

  • Reminders for the New Year

    With the new year freshly upon us, I would attempt to encourage you toward that which lies ahead.  It is my desire that you enter into this new year with God as your focus and God's will as your priority.  I list seven things about God which should encourage you in your service to Jesus Christ.