Month: March 2015

  • Christ Died for Our Sins

    The gospel involves the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is my objective to cover the suffering and death of our Lord. I submit, the more you understand about Jesus, the more you appreciate Him.

  • Emmanuel

    Has it ever seemed to you, with all of the troubles which you face, that sometimes you were all alone?  It is my objective to peer into our text and find encouragement knowing that the Lord will not leave us destitute, isolated, or forsaken.

  • The Offering of Isaac

    Before us is a grand example of faith in the living God.  May we learn of the story, but more importantly, may we learn to believe even as Abraham did.  Let us also get a glimpse of Jesus.

  • Caught Red-Handed

    The passage speaks of one who surprises his servants "in the very act."  I desire that we would recognize that how we live matters, and, one day, the Master will indeed come again.  What will He find us doing?