Month: May 2016

  • The Selfless Sacrifice of the Savior

    Gathering today on the Lord's Day, we remember One Who died for us. We live because He suffered and died. Let us not forget. It is, then, my objective to stir you up by putting you in remembrance (II Peter 1:13).

  • Fret Not

    If the political landscape bothers you, you are not alone. If society is disturbing, do not be surprised. How shall we, as Christians, react? It is my objective to apply our text to our present situation. In it we shall discern how we ought to respond.

  • The Magnificence of God’s Word

    Man likes to experience the miracle. He wants proof before he would believe. I submit we should not seek the special spectacular, rather, to accept God's most common way of communication, His written Word. We should see that God's Word is tremendous.

  • Godly Women

    Often women are overlooked and not respected. Sometimes a woman has a poor perspective of herself. I believe women are important. They deserve respect, honor, and love. But, I also want to encourage the ladies to be godly women.

  • Christian Sanctification

    One of the things we notice about the modern Christian generation is the lack of separation from the world. As a result, we find the world converting Christians instead of the Christians converting the world. It is my objective to remind you of a basic fundamental Bible doctrine, that of Christian sanctification.