Month: August 2017

  • Prayer: Communion with God

    Prayer is a very common topic. But, I submit that prayer is more than asking things of God. Prayer is actually a time of fellowship with Him. It is more than simple communication, it is a communion.

  • The Signs of the Times

    You know a solar eclipse will happen tomorrow. I would like to use this opportunity to turn your attention from heavenly signs to the signs of the times. You see, Jesus dealt with those who looked for a sign. I believe we can learn from His lesson.

  • Dying Daily for Jesus

    This passage speaks of a cross, one that must be borne. But this cross is not a literal cross, rather, a spiritual cross. If we are to follow the Lord, how shall it be done? Our text tells us what we must do.

  • What An Opportunity

    When something doesn't work, you need to try something else. If something won't work, you must find what will. This is true when it comes to religion. When you finally discover the truth, my, what an opportunity.