Month: January 2016

  • The Gospel in Isaiah

    Most of the time in our witnessing we will utilize the New Testament. But, sometimes we will bump into those who reject the New Testament, such as the orthodox Jew. It, then, is necessary that we could speak about Jesus from the Old Testament.

  • Believing

    I don't know about you but nearly everyone I speak with believes in God. However, is simple faith in the existence of God sufficient to carry us to Heaven? Our text demands that we have more than just a belief in the Father.

  • God’s Beneficent Character

    If we should offer hope to the condemned, we must have a reason, and that reason is the love and mercy of God. Amid all the attributes of God, you will find the benevolent side of God. It is my objective to emphasize that aspect of who God is.

  • Christian Devotion

    As I address the subject of Christian devotion, it is my objective that you look within. Make a personal assessment. Take a self-evaluation. Then, respond as the Holy Spirit moves in your heart.

  • New Year Considerations

    There are times in life when we need a change. With the New Year fresh upon us and the attitude for change in our minds, I thought it well to address this subject. It is my objective to review the new beginning for the nation of Israel and find application for you and me as we enter this new year.