Month: March 2014

  • Consequences of National Sin

    My objective is to glean from the biblical record, recognizing the warning to America, with the intent of provoking response which would result in revival in this land.  I point out to you the consequences of national sin.

  • A Big God Who Cares About Little Things

    It is my objective to remind you that God sees and knows all things; that He has complete ability to do anything He chooses to do; and, that He not only sees and can do, He also cares.  Especially, note that God is a big God Who cares about little things.

  • Simple Salvation

    My objective is to share the "word of the Lord" with you.  If you are not yet saved, may you hear and believe.  For you who are already saved, may this be a glorious reminder of God's grace and mercy in your life.

  • A Christian Example

    I submit to you that each of us who have been saved, ought to live a life which exemplifies Christ.  We should desire to live Christian lives.  It is my objective to look into our text and discern what a good, solid, Christian example is.

  • Can A Christian Truly Hate His Brother

    My objective is to give a brief review of the four prior studies, followed by a few considerations on our text, then, I shall offer a supporting passage.  By this method I propose to discern the true teaching of our text and answer the question, "Can a Christian truly hate his brother?"