Month: August 2018

  • The Christian Charge

    Our text is a charge. It is a commission given to family which directs them to be followers of God. Being a follower of God is a good thing. So, it is my objective to discuss the charge given by Joshua and find its application toward the saints of God.

  • The Wicked Caretakers and the Cornerstone

    My dear friend, perhaps you have yet to bow your knee to Jesus. You cannot contend with Almighty God. But the One you have rejected is the One to Whom you must yield. Christ alone is your answer. Please learn from this parable concerning the wicked caretakers and the Cornerstone.

  • This Universe

    A quick observation of society reveals that there is a debate over the origin of the universe. As Christians, we maintain the truth of the biblical account for the origin and development of our universe. It is my objective to discuss the Bible view of this universe.