Month: July 2015

  • God Be Merciful To Me A Sinner (revisited)

    Man often views God from his own perspective or thinks Him to be less than He is.  Because of this man thinks he can be righteous before God.  Our text teaches otherwise.  It is my objective to consider the truths found here in regard to both the unbeliever and believer.

  • The Time of Revival

    What is revival?  Is it a special service with a special speaker and special singers?  Or, is it the moving of God in the midst of the lost bringing them to salvation and among Christians bringing a renewal?  It is my objective to talk about revival, especially among God's people.  Are you in need of revival?

  • Pursue Righteousness

    Our text tells us about the impact that righteousness and sin has upon any nation.  But nations consist of individuals.  Therefore, it is my objective to learn from this text but also apply the lessons to the individual.  I exhort you to pursue righteousness.