Month: April 2016

  • The Love of Christ

    Our society is very hard and cold. We are amazed at man's cruelty. Yet, we encounter acts of kindness and great philanthropic measures. In this vein, our text reveals a great display of love. That is, we find one who is afflicted offering forgiveness to those who are doing the afflicting. May this be our example.

  • Don’t Be A Forgetful Hearer

    How many sermons have you heard and then walked away with a heartfelt desire, but soon the desire faded? Don't we often have good intentions, but we somehow never get to it? I thought it necessary to consider this subject.

  • This Same Jesus

    Some things are hard to believe. Often, the skeptics of the Bible question the remarkable passages of Scripture. But I say unto you that the Bible is God's Word and its record is true. My subject matter might seem impossible, but I submit that Jesus is Who He said He was, and He is in Heaven, and He is coming back to Earth again.