Month: September 2009

  • Importunity’s Instruction

    With our continued prayers why hasn't God come to the rescue?  Why does God seem to be apathetic?  There are a couple of biblical texts which address such things.  While I shall promote the direct lessons found in the biblical accounts, I intend to look at the subject in reverse too.  There is a lesson to be found.  Proposition:  If there is a lesson on importunate prayer there is a cause for importunate praying.  God may let that cause come into our lives.

  • A Man of Prayer

    It is my objective to look into this passage and learn something of Nehemiah's prayer life.  Perhaps, through his example, we would see the necessity of prayer and be encouraged to follow in his steps.  May it be our desire to be a man (or, woman) of prayer.

  • Jesus Gives Life

    Our passage contains an account of a man being raised from the dead.  Through this account I would like to point out that Jesus indeed restored physical life, but more than that, He can grant spiritual life.  This text, then, is a reminder that Jesus gives life.