Month: February 2011

  • Where is Your Confidence?

    Generally, man must consider life itself, contemplate eternity, and for the saved, we are concerned with our Christian service. How shall you and I handle these things? How shall we deal with life, and eternity, and Christian service? Simply, in all three aspects, the question arises, "Where is your confidence?"

  • We Shall Be Like Him

    We who are saved know that we are not what we ought to be, but praise God, we are not what we used to be.  We look forward.  We look upward.  Our hope is in what we shall be.  The most common thought is, "We will be like Jesus."  My concern and subject for today is "We Shall Be Like Him."

  • While We Were Yet Sinners

    Our text tells of One Who is devoted to us.  It speaks of the result of such love.  It informs us that while we were unlovely, unlovable, and unloving, Jesus chose to love us.  I wonder, how have we responded to Him?

  • Back to Basics

    Sometimes we might wander, our love might grow cold, and our desire might diminish.  When that happens, we need to go back to the basics.  It is my objective to bring this matter to your attention.  If you are weak or faltering I would encourage you to go back to the basics.