Month: July 2013

  • Biblical Giving

    It is my objective to speak on the subject of giving in an attempt to eliminate any questions regarding my views on biblical giving.

  • God’s Way for Life

    There are many views of religion.  But the question is, "Is your belief what God tells us to believe?"  In other words, "Is your way, God's way?"  Our text gives us the precious truth about God's way.

  • The Greatest Gift Ever

    It is my objective to remind you of the gift of God.  If you have received this gift, then count it all joy and rejoice over it.  If you have not yet received it, then mourn over it and seek to receive it.

  • Abominations to God

    My objective is to cause you to focus on the abominations to God.  It is further my intention, as we survey these verses, that you would search your own heart and life.  May God stir His people to pursue a life of holiness.