Month: February 2017

  • Almost

    We shall look into our text and learn of a man who almost became a Christian. My objective is to bear witness to the truth that almost is not enough.

  • A Good Profession

    What would other Christians say about our profession of faith? Would they view us as true believers? I would like for us to consider the Thessalonicans and notice the comments regarding their profession of faith in Christ.

  • Anticipation

    Certain days are important to us, perhaps a wedding date, upcoming vacation, or retirement. There are days we look forward to and have trouble waiting for their arrival. We anticipate those special times. It is my objective to remind you of a coming day, one you should desire to see.

  • When I See The Blood

    I submit unto you that salvation is by grace through faith apart from works; that Jesus alone is the Savior. I believe that the text I have chosen will demonstrate this truth.