Month: January 2013

  • Like A Little Child

    Not everyone finds it easy to believe the Gospel.  My objective is to address man's entrance into the Kingdom of God and to explain the manner in which a man may enter.  My answer will be that which is described to us by Jesus.

  • A Word to Those Who Have Been Warned

    I direct my words to those who hear, and to those who have heard, and once again, I extend a plea for you to take warning.  In this passage I shall briefly notice the watchman, but I especially want to consider those who are warned.

  • Turn To Jesus

    The cares of life can weigh us down.  Our responsibilities can be a heavy burden.  Afflictions, trials, and troubles may afflict us.  Add to that the burden of our heart and soul.  With all your care and all your burden - in the midst of your toil, strife, and pain - I say unto you, turn to Jesus.

  • Seek After Wisdom

    We all should have an interest in wisdom.  We should want to be wise.  Yet, is wisdom a priority to us?  My objective is to review our passage, learning about wisdom and then yearning to receive wisdom.