Month: December 2009

  • Revolutionize Your Resolutions

    A New Year's resolution involves action on your behalf and it involves some type of change.  Some people err when making a resolution.  My objective emphasizes the error people make when a resolution becomes a promise or vow.  I would like to show you that to do so is unbiblical and lead you in another direction.

  • Christian Incense

    In this passage we find the matter of prayer and the imagery used to convey its importance before God.  I thought it necessary to reflect upon our text and consider the subject of prayer.  Dear Christian, if you thought little of prayer, perhaps this text will encourage you to pray.

  • God Can and Will Use You

    No man in himself has anything to offer God.  But man, in Christ, has everything to offer God.  My objective is to remind you that God's purpose for us that we would be good stewards.

  • King Jesus

    I have often tried to emphasize the humanity of Jesus, and have spoken of Him as Savior.  But, He is also God.  As God, He holds a dual responsibility.  He is the Savior, but, He is also the King.  My objective today is to emphasize the Lordship of Jesus.