Month: June 2017

  • Things Dedicated

    There are things which God deems to be holy or sacred. There are things which are dedicated or devoted to Him. Those things should be treated with respect, dignity, and reverence. Our text addresses this subject.

  • Do You Know the Father?

    For whatever reason, some people don't know their father. Others have a healthy relationship. From a spiritual perspective, I ask, "Do you have a relationship with God?" That will be my focus today.

  • Do Not Retreat, Advance

    Sometimes, after we consider our circumstances, we wonder whether or not the effort is worthwhile. Asaph thought like that. Perhaps you too are thinking that serving the Lord isn't worth the effort. Perhaps you have thought about turning away. May you find encouragement today.

  • God’s Great Love

    I submit that God has proven His love; that His love, as our verse says, is a great love; and, it is that love "wherewith he loved us." I further submit that His love, unlike our own, will not fade or falter. It is my objective to speak to you about God's great love.