Month: September 2010

  • Do Things God’s Way

    I remind you that we are the creature and God is the Creator.  God's way should be first.  I know that such a thing is not always easy to pursue.  Nonetheless, the best way is to do things God's way.  My objective is to utilize our text as a reminder: do things God's way.

  • The Pre-Existence of Jesus

    It is my objective to demonstrate that Jesus is more than just a man.  I believe He is the Son of God, yes, God Himself - God incarnate - and I believe Jesus is of divine origin.  I believe He came down from heaven.  If that be so, why don't you believe Him?

  • A Giant of a Person

    Our society promotes physical size, agility, and athletic ability.  Not all the time do those things bring success.  Does size and weight determine a person's character and usability?  Perhaps in sports, but when it comes to serving God, ANY child of God may loom large.  My purpose is to look into this story and glean some points which might indicate we are giants in the eyes of God.

  • Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

    Sometimes people do not live up to the standards to which they claim.  It is my objective to consider our text, along with other references, in the effort to remind you and me to walk in the Spirit; to do so, it will be necessary to have a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.