Month: August 2016

  • Building Up Our Marriages

    I remind you of the importance of the institution of marriage. With this reminder, it is my objective to offer you some elements essential in establishing good strong homes and solid marriages.

  • You Must Be Born Again

    The focus of our text is that a man must be born again. The problem is, twenty to thirty years ago this term became a catchphrase. Everyone was born again. But, I submit that the subject found in our text is life changing.

  • Learn From Our Mortality

    Our text is written by David, who said to Jonathan, "There is but a step between me and death." Perhaps, if we would recognize how delicate our life is, we would strive to live our lives better and for Christ's sake. Therefore, let us learn from our mortality.

  • Sorrow Turned To Joy

    Much like the disciples we have our share of sorrows. Sorrow is not limited to the loss of a loved one. The trial may be financial, physical, or a family problem. Whatever the case, whatever the reason, your heart is burdened.