Month: July 2016

  • Tune In To God

    Have you ever tried to dial in a radio station? We get close. We run past it. We experience bleed-in. Aren't we like that with God? God is the radio station and we are trying to receive His message, but, like the radio, too often we have difficulty in hearing Him clearly.

  • Jesus Is Lord

    Some teach that a person can trust Jesus as Savior but then later trust Him as Lord. My friends, I do not believe this concept is theologically correct. Whether you recognize Him or not, He is always Lord!

  • God’s Love Confirmed

    It is my objective to remind you of God's love. Specifically, that God's love never fails nor can it be removed from us. So Christian, take courage. Dear Sinner, recognize God's great love, repent, and believe.

  • A Christian Response to a Christian Response

    A recent event demands response. One Christian pastor gave his from the pulpit. He was glad for the tragedy in Orlando. Well, it is my objective to address this issue but in response to the negative reactions expressed by a portion of the Christian community.