Month: December 2021

  • The King

    As we ponder these verses, I would encourage you to get a sweet and precious glimpse of Jesus. May that insight provoke in you a desire to magnify your Lord and Savior. As exhorted in the text, may we be moved to glorify the King.

  • He Must Increase, But I Must Decrease

    John the Baptist said that Jesus must increase while he must decrease. May I submit that while that be true in John's ministry comparison, practically speaking, it is true for every one of us who profess to be a Christian. Our lives should be more about Jesus and less about ourselves.

  • Attitude of “Bad-itude”

    Some people have a goodly disposition while others possess a bad spirit. The Christians prefers the goodly. However, don't you find yourself, on occasion, of having a bad spirit? Don't we discover that too often we have a bad attitude? I thought it well to consider this topic.

  • No Need to Yell

    If a person is blind, the letters could be huge, but he/she must have sight before they can see. If a person is deaf, you can speak as loud as you wish, but he/she must have hearing before they can hear. Simply, we can try to force or "make" someone to be saved, but until there is a change, it cannot be done. Like the deaf, there is no need to yell.