Month: December 2023

  • Resolutions

    Resolutions. Making a positive change in your life is a good thing, but, I want to caution you. It is my objective to consider this matter of making vows.

  • Mary Had A Son

    Our text is beyond human understanding. No one is able to explain the intricate details of the incarnation of the Son of God. No one can prove, by scientific evidence, that such an event occurred. But God said it did, and believe God's Word.

  • Jesus Gives Life

    Our passage contains an account of a man being raised from the dead. Jesus indeed restored physical life, but more than that, He can grant spiritual life.

  • Instruction For Sinners

    Our text speaks to the wayward of Israel and exhorts them to turn back to God. Today, if you are wayward, away from God, hear this plea. Listen to the teaching. Hear the instruction.

  • Crowns

    God will rebuke us when necessary, but it is important for you to realize that God also rewards faithful and good service.