Month: December 2011

  • God Can!

    Life can be problematic, even for the Christian.  But I wish to remind you, that as children of God, we are not left alone.  As difficult as things may be and as hard as life is, my objective is to give you encouragement!  I point you to the Deliverer!

  • Satan’s Masterpiece

    Within true Christianity there are false teachers, false preachers, and false professions.  Should we be surprised at that?  I think not.  It is my objective to expound this passage for the purpose of bringing to light the counterfeit, and, to cause an inward look, to ensure that we are not among them.

  • The Christian Exhorted

    Often, things written to the Jews may also be applied to the Christian.  In our text Moses exhorts the Israelites.  It is my objective to apply the lessons found in this chapter to the Christian.

  • Give High Esteem to Jesus

    How much do you love Jesus?  How do you express or manifest that love?  The passage before us, and specifically our text, lends itself to this discussion.  It is my objective to provoke each of us to search our souls and, perhaps, cause a positive response so that we would give high esteem to Jesus.