Month: April 2010

  • Prayer

    Prayer is a necessary portion of our Christian life.  Prayer is communication with our Lord.  Yet, it seems that one of the hardest tasks in Christian service is that of prayer.  May we look into these verses and be encouraged to pray.

  • Be Ready To Answer

    Have you ever been asked a question and you couldn't answer it?  I know it has happened to me.  One thing I know, I want to always be able to express the hope that lies within.  Can you talk about Jesus?  Can you tell others how to be saved?

  • Fellowship With God

    Two things emerge from this text.  One, there is an evangelistic aspect.  Two, there is an interactive aspect - specifically, spiritual fellowship.  My objective is to consider both aspects of our text.

  • Watch, for Jesus is Coming Again

    Today is resurrection Sunday; we recognize Jesus was crucified and buried, and that He rose again the third day.  We believe He ascended into Heaven.  We believe He is coming to Earth again.  History has shown that some people thought they figured out the time of His return.  We know they were wrong.  But, I wish to make it clear, Jesus is coming again (see, I Thess. 4:15-17; Matt. 24:42-44).  It is my desire to speak about the return of our Lord, and our responsibility to be faithful while He is away.