Month: December 2008

  • Love God’s Word

    With the new year upon us, and the likelihood of thoughts pondering New Year's resolutions.  It would be well to offer you another point of reflection.  Will you consider making the Word of God a priority this year?  Would you love the Word of God?

  • They Presented Unto Him Gifts

    This passage reminds us the wise brought precious gifts to the infant Jesus.  At this time of the year we think about giving gifts.  My desire is to focus on what we find in our text, and perhaps, leave different than when we came.

  • So Send I You

    In reading the New Testament, it becomes apparent that Christians should be a witness for Jesus Christ.  But, how shall we do so?  Our text addresses the mission which is given unto us, and, it also speaks of its means.  May God's grace rest upon us so that we might be found faithful witnesses.

  • The Blessed Man

    This psalm addresses two types of people: the righteous and the ungodly.  Character traits are discussed as well as the results of each lifestyle.  Which category are you in today?  Wouldn't you rather be blessed than cursed?