Month: April 2012

  • Draw Near

    Has true heart-felt emotion and spiritual feeling all but disappeared?  We are told to draw near to God.  It is my objective to consider this topic afresh and anew.  It is my desire to stir the coals, re-light the pilot, and warm the heart.

  • Some Believed

    Our text tells us that some believed.  It is my objective to review the subject, hopefully, to gain the ear of the lost and to effect a softening of the heart.

  • More Than Expected

    Our text speaks of some ladies who got more than they expected.  It is my objective to express these truths and make application.  Further, as we consider the resurrection of Jesus, I submit that we get more than expected.

  • April’s Fool

    Today is April Fool's Day.  I would like to consider some people who are classified as fools.  In doing so, I would like to point out three elements found in the first sentence of our text.