Month: November 2010

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    We should be a thankful people.  It is, therefore, my desire to speak on this subject.  I remind you that you should be gracious.  I focus on the fact that, primarily, you should return thanks unto God.  You do have reason to manifest an attitude of gratitude.

  • Every Good Thing

    My objective is to demonstrate to you that, although man is undeserving, God has bestowed great blessings, goodness, and grace upon man.  This should provoke a sense of gratitude and an awareness of God's mercy and grace.

  • We Have The Message

    We, indeed, know God and we know His way.  We hold the truth.  We have the message.  It is my objective to look into this text, consider the message, and then note the distribution of that message to those who have not yet heard.