Month: December 2010

  • Bring Your Gifts to The King

    Regardless of what you think about this holiday season, you must agree that it is a season of giving.  People are benevolent this time of year.  Our text speaks of the act of giving.  The Magi traveled a great distance to appear before a young child and offer him gifts.  Why did they do so?  Better yet, why should we do the same?

  • Put Your Trust in God

    Faith is often difficult to possess.   We are more empirical than we are theorists or philosophers.  It is hard to look beyond our present reality.  Yet, we know that faith sees the invisible.  We know that faith is a gift from God.  We know that faith may overcome our circumstances.  Oh, that we might have faith in God.

  • Church Conduct

    It is my desire to look into this text, and then discuss church conduct.  I will look at the early church behavior from both a positive perspective and negative.  By this, perhaps, we will know how we ought to behave ourselves in the church of God.