Month: April 2014

  • Paradise Lost

    Our passage details the death of two people.  My objective is to review the story of our text, with the intention you would examine your heart and see how you fare.  Glean some lessons from the rich man of our text.

  • A Blind Man Still

    It is my objective to review the story in our text while zeroing in on the condition of the man who received healing.  Though he gained physical sight, and had pretty good assessment of Jesus, he remained spiritually blind.  How tragic.

  • Modesty in Dress

    My objective is to refresh the memory of those who profess Christianity, that although it is hot and humid outside, we should keep in mind who we are and Whose we are.  As Christians, we should have a concern about how we dress.  I am certain that God takes notice.  May we learn to possess modesty in dress.