Month: February 2020

  • Draw Near to God

    Christianity is not religiousness, or human solitude in activity, or social responses for psychological reasons. Christianity is a relationship with God. It involves our mind, will, and emotions. True Christianity requires personal involvement. Are you willing to be intimate with God?

  • Are You Prepared?

    Our entire life has consisted of making preparations. Preparations for the next phase of our lives, and preparations for the future. We know what it means to make preparation. Permit me to ask, have made any preparation for eternity? Have you considered spiritual things?

  • The Place of Prayer

    We have a grand privilege in taking our burdens to Jesus. We can come boldly to the throne of grace. We may take our cares and cast them upon Him. I would like to encourage you today; I would remind you of the place of prayer.

  • Some Lessons Regarding Money

    My subject is that which affects every one of us. So, it is good to know what the Bible teaches concerning it. I realize teaching on this subject is often looked down upon because the motive is usually questioned. Still, it needs to be discussed.