Month: July 2009

  • The Pre-Eminence of Jesus

    Some churches entertain and seek to make people feel good.  Jesus and the truth are not the central themes.  However, Jesus should be in the spotlight.  He is to have the priority in every heart and life, in every church, and in every message.  We must preach Christ and Him crucified.

  • Find the Book and Read It

    Our text tells about Josiah's discovery of the Word of God.  I would like to speak about the Bible.  May I say, the Word of God is of great value.  It is precious and it is absolutely necessary that we love it and respond to its truths.

  • Independence

    Yesterday was Independence Day.  I would like to consider the idea of independence while gleaning some lessons from the text.  Perhaps, we will be able to learn some things about society, about life and living, and about spiritual matters.