Month: October 2011

  • Living Life on the Edge

    Some people like to live "life on the edge."  They push the envelope and stretch the rules.  For them life on the edge is fun.  Others get a thrill of going to the edge but are more cautious.  They know the dangers, yet, they go to the edge.  I submit that living "life on the edge" is dangerous.  Many fall over.  Friend, take warning.  Samson will be our example.

  • Have You Seen God’s Salvation?

    As you might have a concern about the social ills within our nation, you are better served if you take concern for your personal evil.  You are a sinner.  You need a Savior.  You need someone to deliver you from your bondage.  I point you to the Deliverer.

  • The Most Important Thing in the World

    Our worldview affects our values, and our values affect what we deem to be important.  So, what is important to us?  What do we determine is our ultimate priority?  It is my objective to look into our text to find out, according to God, what is the most important thing in the world.

  • A Clean Slate

    It is my objective to look into our text and observe the opportunity to begin again.  That is, we all transgress against God, and it is necessary to "make things right."  We need His forgiveness.  So, we must turn to Him and seek His pardon.

  • In His Own Body

    My objective is to look into our text and be reminded, not only of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but also of the fact it was up-front and personal.