Month: April 2020

  • Jesus Before Pilate and Herod

    We continue the study of this book. Last time we found Jesus before the Jews and He was tried by them. This time, we find Him before the Roman authority. He will be tried by both Pilate and Herod. Justice will not be served.

  • Church is Essential

    At the beginning of this pandemic our governments classified the Church as a non-essential business. After a few weeks they changed their minds and now view the church as essential. I wish to look into the Bible and confirm the fact that the Church is essential.

  • Jesus Before the Jews

    Not everyone who enters the judicial system receives a fair shake. Those in power too often decree their brand of justice based upon their biased ideologies. We find Jesus stood before the rulers of the people who diverted justice to achieve their own ends.

  • The Angel Stands, the Sword is Drawn

    The Bible gives examples of the angel of the Lord performing God's judgment. Our text is one such passage. I submit that the lessons learned from our text may be applied to our present global circumstance with Covid-19. How should man respond?

  • Betrayal and Denial

    We are hurt most by those who are closest to us. Personal relationships make us vulnerable to personal pain. Our text tells us of two men who were friends of Jesus, yet are found to hurt Him deeply. They will do so by betrayal and denial.

  • Peter and Prayer

    Our lesson speaks of two men, both facing tremendous trial. One prays, the other is arrogant. Jesus succeeds, Peter fails. We learn about the necessity of prayer as we continue our exposition of the book of Luke.

  • Christ Was Buried in a Tomb

    The Gospel contains three key elements: Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. With Easter coming upon us I have chosen to offer you a three-part mini-series dealing with the Gospel. I look at the second portion today.