Month: January 2011

  • The Deceitfulness of Self-Righteousness

    When you talk to the average churchgoer and inquire as to their reason for going to Heaven, they will tell you about their good works.  Most people hold the view that their good will outweigh their bad.  That, if they try to live a good life and are sincere, God will understand.  It is my objective to dispel such a notion; I would like to discuss the deceitfulness of self-righteousness.

  • Moses The Man Of God

    It is my objective to review the life of Moses, noting a few particulars about his faith, calling, and service.  Through which, we might glean some practical truths, not only for the specially called servant, but also for any and all who are Christian.

  • You Can Trust God

    It is my objective to point you to your only hope and single resource.  Do not turn your back on God.  Do not reject His kind dealings with you.  He alone is your true refuge.  Pour out your heart before Him.  Trust in Him at all times.

  • There Is Only One God

    I intend to demonstrate from the Bible there is only one true God.  That sinful man has an obligation to the one true God, and should worship Him alone.  And, the true God has only one means of access.

  • A Fresh Start

    Is there anything you wish you could change?  Well, with the new year upon us, perhaps you are looking to make some changes.  The year is fresh and completely in front of us.  What will we make of it?  This may just be the right time for you to have a new beginning, a clean slate, or even, a fresh start.