Month: July 2012

  • He Calls You

    This story is a reminder to all of us that there are times in our life when we need someone's assistance.  Of all whom we might seek, we should seek the Lord.  May it be, that Jesus will hear our voice and call us to come to Him.

  • Wrong Signals

    Our text indicates a wrong signal.  It is my objective to look into our text to discern James' intention, but I shall also make an application.  Perhaps we can learn something about wrong signals.

  • Are You Willing?

    Some people say they will do a thing but never do.  Others say they won't, but later change their minds and will.  It is my objective to look into our text and learn a few things about the human will and evangelism.  Is willingness enough, or should there also be a response?

  • Private Pain

    Everyone has problems and their own crosses to bear.  It is my objective to address those in our midst who put on a happy face but are sad within, and lend some biblical guidance.

  • Children of Light – part two

    Christians are called "children of light."  I desire that we discover what that means.  I would like the Christian to grow in Christ and the lost person to see their need of Jesus and turn to Him for life and light.