Month: August 2013

  • Salvation Revealed

    Let us discover what Jesus said.  The proper interpretation will remove any doubts regarding the biblical prescription for salvation and eliminate any possible credence to other religions which prescribe multiple steps to be saved.

  • The Candlestick

    It is my objective to consider the candlestick as found in our text; discern the proper interpretation and discover some practical applications.  May we be better servants of Jesus Christ and better church members.

  • Lord Willing

    Sometimes we think we are untouchable or invincible.  I have heard Christians say, "I would never do that!"  I submit, there is great danger in that type of attitude.  Let us look into II Chronicles 24 and learn from the life of Joash the king of Judah.

  • Right Desires

    If you could do anything you desire, what would it be?  Now, ask yourself, is that desire a right desire?  Though we will consider the first part, my focus today will be on the last part of the verse.