Month: January 2017

  • Responding To Difficulty

    Have you experienced difficulty in your life? I know that you have. None of us are exempt from difficulty. This passage tells of a difficult time in the life of David. I believe this lesson is for every one of us.

  • The Land Is Theirs!

    If you have been paying attention to world news, then you know that Israel is, once again, a target. The world is saying Israel doesn't have any right to the West Bank and other areas. It is my objective to show that Israel has every right to occupy all the land, and do so legally, and more important, with divine right.

  • Jesus Can Change Your Life

    Sometimes in our experience we forget that God can change lives. Did He change you? Did He change me? Then, what makes us think that He has ceased His operations? Can't He still change His own and the lost?

  • The Glory of God

    A quick glance at the Old Testament reveals that Israel was rebellious against God. I believe the reason they departed from Him was because they had forgotten Who God is and they despised His magnificence and glory. My objective is to remind you of God's glory.

  • Everyday Christianity

    I submit unto you that Christianity is more than a single day's proposition. Christianity is not something that we do, it is who we are. I believe authentic Christianity is an everyday Christianity.