Month: April 2011

  • Free From Death

    I would like to remind you of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Jesus was in the grips of death.  He was restrained in the grave.  But Jesus conquered death.  He is liberated.  He is free!  He ever lives!

  • Delight in God

    Is there anything you take delight in?  My objective is to extend a challenge to the Christian to look within, and search our hearts, and ask ourselves, "What is it I delight in?"  I pray that our answer will be that of our text.  May we delight in God.

  • What Can We Know About Tomorrow?

    We are not able to speak of the future with absolute authority, unless of course, we speak that which the Sovereign Authority has revealed.  First, I shall discuss the text along with some ramifications.  Second, I shall discuss revealed truth (which tomorrow, will still be truth!).