Month: April 2017

  • Hell is Real

    Our text gives a viable description of Hell. The language of our text is strong and explicit. I would like to look into these verses today and get a glimpse of Hell.

  • Some Effects of the Resurrection of Jesus

    Sometimes events happen to us which are life-altering. Lives are often changed because of the impact of an individual, a group, or an event. This morning we note an event in history which has had tremendous impact: the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  • Be Encouraged

    In this day and time, we are surrounded by problems. Our hearts are often burdened. As we look into this Psalm, may we take courage. May we look up, fix our eyes upon God, and fight the good fight of faith.

  • Is There Something Missing From Your Life?

    Man's heart is good at misdirection. We will buzz like a bee from flower to flower looking for satisfaction. We might receive, but there is no inward peace. Perhaps you have emptiness in your soul. Does it seem to you that something is lacking?