Month: October 2010

  • A Warning to America

    While no nation lasts forever, its people can hasten its demise.  My text along with the related verses will demonstrate that the future of this nation hangs in the balance.  We should be concerned about future generations!  Let us then take heed!

  • Discipleship

    "Do we make a difference in people's lives?"  I submit unto you that part of this church's purpose is to disciple those who believe and are baptized, so that, they would observe all things which Jesus has commanded them.

  • Here Am I

    It should be that when God speaks, we listen.  When He calls, we answer.  When He requests, we volunteer.  When He commands, we obey.  When God communicates with you, possess the attitude, "Here am I."

  • Respond to God Every Day

    It is my objective to present to you some Scriptural principles which indicate that Christianity is a daily Christianity.  It is not something we do on Sundays alone.  Therefore, we should make it our business to respond to God every day.

  • Ten Commandments Conduct

    It is my objective to consider the Ten Commandments along with other biblical expressions, for the purpose of reminding us that they are the code of conduct.  Further, understanding that ultimately, love is the outcome.