Month: September 2018

  • True Belief

    Last week I dealt with the depravity of man. It is clear that salvation is of God. Yet, the unsaved man might conclude that believing on Jesus is too difficult. Therefore, I thought it necessary to discuss the subject of true belief.

  • Depravity of Man

    I use our reading to introduce the subject of human depravity. We would do well to have a good biblical understanding of this doctrine. I submit man is still as depraved as he has always been.

  • A Tale of Two Rich Men

    It is my objective to look at two very similar men, but who have glaringly opposite endings. By this, I judge we can glean precious truth and examine our hearts, lest we become a wild child.

  • Labor Day

    Tomorrow is Labor Day. It is my objective to discuss our labors, giving instruction and honor to those who labor. Of course, my main emphasis will be upon our spiritual labor.