Month: June 2015

  • Lessons From Noah’s Day

    As I observe society, I am struck by the blatant indifference to spiritual thoughts and divine matters.  Therefore, with the purpose of issuing a warning, and putting our culture on notice, I think it necessary to learn from the past.

  • You Are An Example

    Each of us is an example.  We may be a good example or we may be a bad example, but we are examples.  In our text Paul exhorts Timothy to be a good example.  Let this lesson drive home to your hearts today.

  • God’s Amazing Grace

    Last weekend was our annual get-together with me, my brother, and my two sisters.  Looking back, the truth is, as a family unit, we were lost sinners.  But, in time, God saved us all.  It is then, my objective to reflect upon your youth, and share with you God's amazing grace.