Month: June 2019

  • The Resurrected Body

    God has promised us a future glorified body. But will it be like this one, or what shall it be? That will be our concern today. Let us think about the resurrected body.

  • A Universal Plea

    Our verse could be adapted in our effort to reach the lost. We could use it to make an appeal unto them. Therefore, it is my objective to consider this verse, and note that it is a universal plea.

  • Your Legacy

    I desire to speak to you all, not just to fathers. I do so because the subject and principles discussed will apply to everyone here. The question that comes to mind is, "What is your legacy?"

  • The Joy of Salvation

    David mentions there is joy in salvation. We ought to possess this joy! If sin has entered in and our joy is gone, then like David, we have the responsibility to make things right with God. Dear lost person, you can receive this joy!

  • Have You Entered?

    Our text tells of a man who was very near a home in heaven, but yet had not found entrance. My objective is for you to examine your heart and know whether or not you have eternal life. Have you entered into life or are you still standing at the door?