Month: June 2018

  • Some Characteristics of a Father

    What we find in our text immediately follows that "mountaintop" experience called the Transfiguration. I want to draw your attention to a very important figure but one who remains in the shadows and is usually overlooked. Is there not a father found here?

  • Comfort Concerning Kumiko

    Forty years ago Kumiko Toma was killed in a car wreck. When I was told of her passing the first thing that came to my mind was Psalm 116:15. For this reason I have chosen to expound this text in memory of Kumiko.

  • Think On These Things

    There are multitudes of stimuli which bombard us every day. Each, of which, has an impact upon us. Much has little impact, but many things impress us strongly. Who we are, is what we are, in our heart. Therefore, we need to guard our heart and the influence upon it.