Month: August 2010

  • Music to the Ears

    It is my objective to cover the story found in our passage (vss. 5-13).  There are things we may learn from this account.  Yet, I desire to hone in on verse seven and notice why this is "music."  But then, I would like to express a number of things found in the Bible, which may be "music to the ear."

  • The Word

    We come into this place to hear something about Jesus or to hear something from God's Word.  It is my objective to think about Jesus; notice how He is The Word.

  • The Feeding of the Five Thousand

    When we think about our gifts, talents, and abilities, the amount of what you have doesn't matter, rather, what you do with it.  If you control what is yours, you likely will do little with it.  If you surrender the control of it over to Jesus, He can do what He wills.  He might even feed a multitude!

  • What Can Wash Away Our Sins?

    Spiritually speaking, blood cleanses.  Therefore, as we look into this text, let us examine its points and discover the real, effectual, cleansing power of blood.  And, not just any blood, but the blood of Jesus.