Month: February 2014

  • Hate / Love in First John

    My main goal is to impart basic Bible teaching and offer a few points of practical application.  I judge you will have the ability to compare what you learn to your own life, making a personal assessment as to your true spiritual condition.

  • The Word of This Salvation

    Many people think there are many roads but they all lead to the same God.  To this, I must disagree.  It is my objective to look into part of Paul's message to the Jews, recognizing there is one Gospel or one way of salvation, and then defining what that way is.

  • Hate; Hatred

    It is my objective to address the subject of hate as presented in the Bible.  This is not an exhaustive study.  But, I hope to gain your attention and cause you to look for the biblical remedy to hate.

  • Love and Forgiveness

    My objective is to examine our text, glean its truths, and make personal application.  Perhaps, by God's grace, we will never be guilty of murder, but that the attitudes which lead to it, will also be eliminated.