Month: December 2013

  • Jesus

    We come now to the final part of my mini-series on the core event of this holiday season.  Today, it is my intention to discuss the child born of Mary.  After all, He is the crux of the matter.  Without Him, there is nothing special about the story and nothing spectacular about this birth.  I have talked about Mary and Joseph, now I would like to mention Jesus.

  • Joseph

    Despite your view of Christmas, the world remembers the birth of Jesus.  It is indeed a fact, Jesus was born of virgin Mary.  It is my intention to discuss three individuals and the important roles they play.  Today, I mention Joseph.

  • Mary

    We come to the Christmas time of the year.  It is my objective to consider three people, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.  It is my desire to read a little of what the Bible has to say about them, and in the end of it all, contemplate what it means for this time of year.

  • In Preparation

    When you think about it, much of what we do in this life is for a future event.  But, there is nothing wrong with preparation.  It is, then, my objective to address the subject of being ready.

  • Submit To God

    I propose unto you that all men, everywhere, as creatures of God made in His image, owe allegiance to Him.  It is my objective to look into our text to prove this very thing and to remind you and me that we ought to submit to God.