Month: November 2011

  • The Third Heaven – part two

    Last week I began a study on the subject of heaven.  Our text reveal the words "the third heaven."  I defined heaven by the use of a myriad of verses.  Today, it is my objective to give you a description of "heaven."

  • Life Is Uncertain

    These verses remind me of how difficult life really is.  They also give instruction on its brevity and an encouragement wherein we might find hope.  May we be mindful of the words of David as found in this section of God's Word.

  • Commitment

    Our passage tells us of the Apostle Paul who saw the need for a commitment, therefore, he made that commitment.  It is my objective to start in this text and then pursue the topic of commitment.  Perhaps, it is time for you to make a commitment or two.  Perhaps, you should reconsider your thoughts of abandoning your commitment.